Recognition and Awards for Advocacy and Humanitarian Efforts

Welcome to Lovette Jallow’s Awards & Recognition page. Lovette Jallow, a renowned activist, has been celebrated for her exceptional contributions to combating xenophobia, racism, and oppression. Each honor reflects Lovette’s steadfast commitment to promoting human rights and fostering inclusion across borders. Explore Lovette’s advocacy efforts and remarkable journey in fighting for equality and justice.

  • WMA Gambia Humanitarian Award – November 2022

    Awarded By: WMA Gambia

    Recognition: The WMA Gambia Humanitarian Award 2022 recipient is currently one of the most vital voices against racism, discrimination, and social injustice in Scandinavia.

  • eQualizer of the Year – October 2021

    Awarded By: Consid AB

    Recognition: Lovette Jallow, the founder of @action4humanity_se, harnesses her digital platforms and collaborates with various organizations, including JÄMK, the Equality Committee, among others, to spread awareness about Equality, discrimination, and societal injustices.

  • Region Stockholm’s Award for Combating Xenophobia and Racism – August 2020

    Awarded By: Stockholm County Council

    Recognition: Lovette Jallow and her organisation Action for Humanity receive the Region Stockholm Award for Combating Xenophobia and Racism, recognising their dedicated work in educating and spreading information and knowledge about racism and oppression within the Stockholm region.

  • Raoul Wallenberg Award – September 2019

    Awarded By: Raoul Wallenberg Academy

    Recognition: Lovette Jallow is acknowledged for her unwavering courage, compassion, and advocacy against racism, discrimination, and injustice. The Raoul Wallenberg Award recognizes outstanding contributions to humanitarian efforts, human rights protection, and civil courage.

  • IM Humanitarian Aid Prize (IM Priset) – October 2019

    Awarded By: IM Sweden (IM Människohjälp)

    Recognition: Lovette Jallow receives the IM Prize in memory of Britta Holmström for her unyielding fight against racism, advocacy for equality and human rights, and impactful humanitarian efforts. The IM Prize celebrates individuals making positive impacts on the lives of those in need, emphasizing humanitarian work and global solidarity.

  • Netangel Award (Nätängel) – October 2018

    Awarded By: Mysafety AB

    Recognition: Lovette Jallow is recognized as the 2018 Netangel of the Year for her unwavering fight against sexism, racism, and injustices. The Netangel Award highlights individuals combating online hate and fostering a safer, more equal internet.

  • Solidarity Award (Solidaritetspriset) – October 2018

    Awarded By: Afrikagrupperna

    Recognition: Lovette Jallow is honored for her persistent work against racism, promotion of equal value for all, and coordination of peaceful protests in Sweden.

  • Justice Prize (Rättvisepriset) – October 2017

    Awarded By: Rättviseförmedlingen

    Recognition: Lovette Jallow receives the Justice Prize 2017 for her dedicated efforts against racism and discrimination in the beauty industry. Additionally, she is honored for her commitment to combating slavery in Libya.