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Recognition: Lovette Jallow won the national award for Sweden in 2024, highlighting her dedication to fostering inclusive and radical change. This award celebrates individuals, collectives, and initiatives committed to these values. The Blaze Inclusion Awards recognize those who uplift Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives in their workspaces, communities, and society.

Lovette Jallow –  Blaze Inclusion 2024 Sweden National Trailblazer of the Year

Lovette Jallow,  author, lecturer, and inclusion strategist, as well as the founder of Action for Humanity, has been honored as the national winner for Sweden in the 2024 Blaze Inclusion Awards for DEIB. This award recognises trailblazers who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to driving inclusive and radical change within their communities.

The Blaze Inclusion Awards are thrilled to announce the national winners for 2024 in the Trailblazer category. This award celebrates individuals, collectives, and initiatives that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to fostering inclusive and radical change.

Lovette Jallow, the Blaze Inclusion Awards National Winner for Sweden in the Trailblazer category, standing with one arm raised against a pillar, dressed in black.
2024 Sweden National Trailblazer of the Year: Lovette Jallow at Blaze Inclusion Awards

Meet the 2024 Trailblazer Winners

Group photo of the National Winners for The Blaze Inclusion Awards 2024 in the Trailblazer category. From left to right: Dr. Poornima Luthra (Denmark), Sonya Lindfors (Finland), Charlotte Jónsdóttir Biering (Iceland), Miriam Hardarson (Norway), Lovette Jallow (Sweden), and Qivioq Løvstrøm (Greenland). Lovette Jallow stands with one arm raised against a pillar, dressed in black.
Blaze Awards – National Winners 2024

Dr. Poornima Luthra, Denmark: An author and associate professor at CBS Denmark, Dr. Luthra is recognized for her innovative educational approaches that integrate diversity and inclusion into both academic and corporate environments.

Sonya Lindfors, Finland: As an artistic director, Lindfors has utilized her platform in the arts to challenge norms and advocate for radical inclusivity, making significant impacts in the Finnish cultural sector.

Charlotte Jónsdóttir Biering, Iceland: Serving as the Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Marel, Biering has implemented pioneering diversity initiatives that have influenced corporate practices on a global scale.

Miriam Hardarson, Norway: The Agency Director at Sopra Steria, Hardarson has been instrumental in promoting inclusive practices within the technology sector, setting standards for diversity and inclusion.

Lovette Jallow, Sweden: A founder and chief inclusion strategist, Jallow’s work in combating racism and enhancing inclusivity has inspired significant policy and social changes across Sweden.

Qivioq Løvstrøm, Greenland: A Ph.D. fellow at Ilisimatusarfik, Løvstrøm advocates for the integration of indigenous knowledge into educational systems, promoting respect and inclusion for indigenous perspectives.

About The Blaze Inclusion Awards

Since its inception, The Blaze Inclusion Awards have celebrated the achievements of those who actively fight against exclusion and advocate for equity and justice. The Trailblazer category specifically honors those whose efforts have led to substantial and radical changes towards inclusivity in their communities.

Purpose and Mission of the Blaze Inclusion Awards
The BIA was created to address the under-recognition of those who champion DEIB. Too often, efforts that drive real change towards a more equitable and inclusive society go unnoticed. The awards aim to change that by celebrating the achievements and raising awareness about the benefits of implementing intentional and measurable DEIB strategies.

Despite the growing acceptance, DEIB is still often seen as an optional luxury rather than an essential component within professional and community structures. The Blaze Inclusion Awards are part of a broader mission to shift this perspective and emphasize DEIB as a critical necessity.

Criteria for Nomination
Nominations are open to individuals, companies, and organizations from all sectors—public, private, and non-profit. To qualify, nominees must be based and actively operating in the country from which they are nominated. Each nominee undergoes a thorough background check to verify their genuine engagement and achievements in the DEIB space. Nominees found without substantive DEIB activities will be disqualified.

The Ceremony and Recognition

The award ceremony recognized these leaders from across the Nordic countries, each advancing into the regional competition. Winners were selected by a distinguished jury of thought leaders dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity across various sectors.

Further Information

For more details on the Blaze Inclusion Awards and insights into the impactful work of previous winners, visit their official website.

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