Justice Prize (Rättvisepriset) – October 2017

Awarded By: Rättviseförmedlingen

Recognition: Lovette Jallow receives the Justice Prize 2017 for her dedicated efforts against racism and discrimination in the beauty industry. Additionally, she is honored for her commitment to combating slavery in Libya.

Lovette Jallow Awarded the Justice Prize 2017

Lovette Jallow is awarded the Justice Prize 2017 for her efforts against racism and discrimination in the beauty industry and her humanitarian projects, organising countrywide protests and for organising and delivering aid to migrants in Libya.

The Justice Prize was established by Rättviseförmedlingen in 2011 and is awarded to a project, person, organization, or company that has made concrete and innovative contributions to gender equality and equal rights while inspiring others to take action.

Statement by the Justice Agency

“Lovette has long worked against racism and discrimination of Black women within the beauty industry, including founding the Facebook group Black Vogue and as the author of the book of the same name. She is also the initiator of the demonstration and public protests against slavery in Libya that took place in Stockholm on November 25 and has inspired similar demonstrations around the country. With the Justice Prize, we want to highlight initiatives that in sharp and concrete ways have urged others to act. Lovette was voted this year’s winner by our followers.

With Black Vogue, Lovette Jallow has put beauty for Black women on the map. Through her work against slavery in Libya, she has gotten thousands of people to stand up against a terrible injustice. At the same time, she has inspired others to organize demonstrations across the country. Lovette Jallow shows that it is possible to make visible what has been overshadowed and give a voice to those who need to be heard,” says Seher Yilmaz, chair of Justice Agency.”

Two women standing with one holding Award
Lovette Jallow receiving the Award Rättvisepriset from Seher Yilmaz Chairperson of the Justice Agency (Rättviseförmedlingen)

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About Rättvisepriset (Justice Prize)

The Justice Prize (Rättvisepriset) was established by the Justice Agency (Rättviseförmedlingen) in 2011 and is awarded to a project, person, organization, or company that has made concrete and innovative efforts for gender equality and equity while inspiring others to act. The winner is selected by a jury and the public, and the recipient is awarded 10,000 SEK.

About the Justice Agency

The Justice Agency is a non-partisan non-profit organization working for a fair representation that reflects society as it is. We are a constantly growing network with currently over 135,000 individuals who every day collaborate voluntarily on social media to help companies, organizations, and media find the expertise that has been overlooked. This may involve finding knowledgeable panelists and speakers for conferences or experts for TV, radio, and newspapers. We are always looking for those who are outside the norm in the given context – those whom our clients find difficult to find on their own. Our vision is that stereotypical notions of gender, origin, and physical conditions should not limit people’s opportunities and rights to do what they want and can.

Rättvisepriset 2017 - Lovette Jallow