Solidarity Award (Solidaritetspriset) – October 2018

Awarded By: Afrikagrupperna

Recognition: Lovette Jallow is honored for her persistent work against racism, promotion of equal value for all, and coordination of peaceful protests in Sweden.

Lovette Jallow Receives the Solidarity Award from Afrikagrupperna

The Solidarity Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate solidarity and inspire compassion, particularly for efforts against racism and the promotion of inclusivity in the beauty industry.

Lovette Jallow’s Commitment to Combatting Racism

Throughout the years, Lovette has been unwavering in her commitment to combatting racism and advocating for equality. With patience and determination, she has confronted instances of racism in Sweden, serving as a beacon of resilience.

Black Vogue: Promoting Inclusivity in the Beauty Industry

Notably, Lovette is the visionary behind Black Vogue, a Facebook group offering beauty advice tailored to individuals with darker skin tones. Through this platform, she champions inclusivity in the Swedish beauty industry, challenging conventional standards and broadening the definition of beauty.

Advocacy for Migrants in Libya

In her tireless efforts against racism, Lovette has spearheaded demonstrations across Sweden to raise awareness about the plight of migrants trapped in Libya, where they face exploitation through sexual violence, torture, and slavery. By shedding light on these injustices and advocating for change, Lovette exemplifies the spirit of solidarity.

The Importance of Solidarity and Compassion

Solidarity and compassion are fundamental to democracy. The Africa Groups Solidarity Prize recognizes individuals who embody these values and inspire others to follow suit. Lovette’s courageous stance against racism, slavery, and injustice serves as an inspiration to us all.

Recognition by Louise Lindfors

“In an era marked by political divisions and uncertainty, Lovette Jallow’s voice is indispensable in championing democracy and the universal value of human dignity,” remarks Louise Lindfors, General Secretary of the Africa Groups.

“It is both a privilege and a pleasure to commend Lovette Jallow’s impactful work in combating racism. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with her fearless spirit, makes her a true role model,” adds Louise Lindfors.

Award Ceremony Details

The award ceremony will be held at ABF Stockholm on December 2, 2018. The Africa Groups has bestowed upon Lovette Jallow the esteemed 2018 Solidarity Prize, accompanied by a grant of 10,000 SEK. There, Lovette Jallow and Louise Lindfors will engage in a public dialogue on the power of solidarity, offering concrete examples to inspire others amidst rising populism and antidemocratic sentiments.

Solidaritetspriset 2018 - Lovette Jallow