Changing a workplace culture can feel impossible, but creating an inclusive environment where embracing our differences enriches our knowledge, experiences, and relationships is vital for growth. As an acclaimed community activist, Lovette Jallow offers customised services that inspire not only inclusivity and belonging, but long-lasting change.

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Thank You Lovette! 

Thank you for educating me and my spotify colleague today. You were amazing. We are a pretty engaged community but I have rarely seen such a positive response to a lecture. I don’t know if you saw the internal comments but there were lots of them.


You Were Absolutely Amazing!

Thank you so much for your time educating us at Spotify today Lovette, you were absolutely amazing. Such a powerful way to start my day and some really important information to help me improve my allyship. I hope you had an amazing rest of your day and thanks again.

Shannon, Spotify

Previous customers


Hear what others have to say.

    I saw your lecture at Karolinska today and just wanted to say that you were amazing!

    Everything you said was very accurate and I will take with me every single word. Your stories really moved me and you have inspired me (and I believe many more) to be the best I can and make a change so no one else has to go through something like that again or ever!

    Lovette was super!

    We had work in smaller groups (like 30 students in each) where we had to start by introducing ourselves and mentioning something we take with us from the morning - almost EVERYONE mentioned your lecture (don't know how many times I heard "especially Lovette was super ") and were happy that they got to hear your stories and your history for future work in healthcare. I feel hope after today.

    It was amazing, I am also black and can sadly relate to almost everything you say especially about "hidden racism"

    I did know that there was also racism in the healthcare industry but what I didn't know was that it was affecting our lives to the point that we could die from it. Your lecture was really impactful and I learned so much from you.So happy that I finally got to see you in person.

    Lovette's lecture was awesome. So inspiring, interesting and important.

    We are so happy that she had the opportunity to come to us and lecture. Her knowledge and the way she teaches was really good and something that many commented afterwards, that it was so educational and graspable.

    Truly awesome lecture!

    Thank you for your lecture today, you are truly awesome! You are so incredibly important!

    Clear in its appearance and with a clear message.

    Lovette has a fantastic ability to adapt to the conditions that the audience had and the image of what it looks like in our society and a genuine interest in learning more. Lovette created dialogue with the audience and with a positive image showed solutions instead of problems. Clear in its appearance and with a clear message. Welcome back!

  • Book Lovette to deliver captivating and enlightening talks on diversity, inclusion, and antiracism for your events, conferences, or workshops.

  • From inspiring keynote addresses, moderated talks, expert panels, and other public speaking events, Lovette challenges audiences to think differently about inclusivity and belonging.

  • Educate your teams to understand burnout, depression, ADHD and Autism. 

    With Lovette’s extensive DEI training, gain insights on how to implement stronger inclusive initiatives and practical solutions to build inclusive spaces for everyone. 

  • Enhance cultural understanding to promote antiracism and foster inclusivity. 

    Inclusivity, Allyship, and Antiracism Training

    Empower your teams with sessions on cultural competency, inclusive leadership, and recognizing and addressing implicit bias. 

    Workplace Culture and Belonging Audits

    Assess your environment and receive actionable recommendations for fostering inclusivity. 

    Employment Retention Strategies

    Develop tailored inclusivity strategies to reduce turnover rates and increase job satisfaction.

    Policies for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Comprehensive policy analysis to meet DEI goals and legal requirements.

  • Mitigate algorithmic bias in AI through comprehensive training sessions, ensuring fair and ethical decision-making processes.

  • Collaborate with Lovette to craft inclusivity campaigns, educate makeup artists, develop makeup for diverse skin tones, and receive strategic marketing consultations.

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Antiracism Advocacy

Lovette has won 8 awards for her antiracism advocacy. She is renowned for her stance against discrimination in the beauty industry and her commitment to antiracism in workplaces, schools, hospitals and in the digital space.

She is the best-selling Author of “Främling i Vita Rum” (Strangers in White Spaces), her 2020 book that explores what it is like to live as a black woman in Sweden where whiteness is the norm.

Lovette crafts solutions that are future-proof against workplace bias. With her guidance, your company will go beyond performative actions to promote authentic inclusivity.

Understanding Neurodiversity

With her background as a neurodivergent Black woman of Afro-Swedish descent, Lovette offers a distinct viewpoint on the challenges faced by the neurodivergent community.

By openly sharing her experiences living with ADHD and Autism, Lovette has gained a deep understanding of the obstacles encountered by neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. Moreover, she has successfully established a global community that promotes awareness of the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals in today’s society. Leveraging her expertise, Lovette can provide valuable insights to your business regarding the implementation of inclusive HR strategies, facilitating reasonable accommodations for neurodiverse employees, and adopting best practices.