Lovette Jallow

Author, Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Community Activist

Lovette Jallow

Author, Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Community Activist

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Lovette Jallow is one of today's most important voices when it comes to the fight against racism, discrimination and injustice in society.

Driven by a desire to see real change, she stands unquestionably with the marginalized and disenfranchised, clearly pointing out structural and individual injustices, along with the problems that arise when people are treated differently based on their background, religion, ethnicity, skin colour or gender.

Using a dynamic approach backed by data-driven insights, she provides concrete actions to initiate open discussions, better practices, and more equitable spaces.


No one is voiceless. Collaborate with Lovette Jallow for public speaking events, workshops and training, or consultation services and help build more inclusive spaces where every voice has value.   

Acclaimed Activist

Lovette Jallow spreads awareness of human rights and equality. She questions and problematizes areas where injustice and ignorance are still present.

Her activism continuously influences millions to drive change.

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    Thank you for educating me and my spotify colleague's today. You were amazing. I have rarely seen such a positive response to a lecture. I don’t know if you saw the internal comments but there were lots of them.

    You were truly amazing! Thank you for important insights and solid advice on how we can act together and contribute to a more equal society!

    I have never attended a better lecture. Hearing your voice yesterday in Uppsala was great.

    I’m getting my teacher’s degree and was there yesterday, and I just want to say: THANK YOU! These topics need to be talked about so much more, teacher training needs more courses dealing with this subject. Great lecture and very educational! You are amazing!

    You were and are amazing. Smart, wise and full of inspiration!

    Great lecture!! We need more people like you.

    Thank you for an important, moving and absolutely fantastic lecture.