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Beauty Industry Consultant

Lovette Jallow offers expert consulting services dedicated to authentic inclusion for Black women and darker skin tones. From inclusive storytelling workshops to brand inclusivity audits, partner with Lovette to engage diverse audiences effectively.

Crafting Authentic Campaigns

Lovette Jallow specializes in creating genuine and inclusive marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, leveraging her expertise in makeup education and commitment to celebrating diversity.

Makeup Education and Consulting

With a focus on masking techniques and makeup application for diverse skin tones, Lovette equips makeup artists with the skills needed to cater to a wide range of clientele, including those with darker skin tones.

DEI Strategy Consulting

Receive expert guidance on incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies into your overall marketing approach, ensuring your brand aligns with the future of inclusive beauty marketing.

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Med Nya Ögon / With New Eyes. Beauty Campaign With Lovette @ Åhlens 

Crafting Authentic Campaigns with Lovette Jallow

With a foundation in makeup education and a passion for celebrating diversity, Lovette Jallow is a renowned color consultant and author of “Black Vogue: Shades of Beauty,” Europe’s pioneering beauty book dedicated to the Black community. 

Her groundbreaking work addresses the prevalent white beauty norms and explores the nuances of “Skönhetens nyanser” (Shades of Beauty), emphasizing best makeup practices for darker skin tones. Lovette’s work has become a staple in makeup artist education and a must-have for stylists. Drawing from her extensive expertise.

Lovette offers bespoke makeup color mixing services for brands, ensuring that products cater to a diverse range of skin tones and undertones. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality, Lovette collaborates closely with brands to develop makeup shades that resonate with a diverse audience and address critical issues of colorism and representation, in marketing practices.

Additionally, Lovette provides strategic marketing consultation services designed to showcase your brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion authentically. By leveraging her insights and expertise, Lovette helps brands craft messaging that resonates with diverse audiences.

In today’s rapidly evolving market, overly specific customer segmentation poses a competitive disadvantage. Lovette’s approach involves broadening target markets, creating a win-win scenario: consumers receive what they desire, and companies gain consumer trust and loyalty. If you’re seeking to align your brand with the future of beauty marketing, consult Lovette Jallow for strategies that celebrate diversity authentically.

Expert Beauty Industry Consultant

Elevate Your Brand with Inclusive Marketing by Lovette Jallow

Welcome to the world of beauty, where authenticity and inclusivity are foundational principles. Lovette Jallow, a trailblazer in the beauty industry, brings her expertise to your marketing strategy, offering services that align seamlessly with your organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals, while addressing the design gap prevalent in many brands.

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