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Action for Humanity

Action for Humanity is a non-profit organization based in Sweden. The main activities include spreading awareness and information about human rights and structural racism. The organization also provides safe spaces for marginalized groups and youth to discuss societal issues.

Lovette Jallow founded Action for Humanity 2017, to provide financial and practical aid for refugees in Libya. Demonstrations were held at about ten locations in Sweden, followed by an extensive effort to raise funds and supplies. Today, the organization has grown substantially. It is currently focusing on Sweden, where several successful educational programs are held to widen narrow views on various ethnic groups. The organization also supports people who are subjected to racism in different ways and different areas of society. These efforts can include emotional or financial support, legal guidance, or assistance in filing a report to the proper authorities.

Action for Humanity uses its Instagram page, to comment on current events and provide educational texts that are easily understood by people of all ages. The information concerns structural racism in general, but also addresses more specific issues, such as the ways racism affects Black patients in health care. Lectures are given at various Swedish institutions, corporations and other organizations, as well as in secondary and upper secondary schools, where students gain important knowledge that is not yet part of their ordinary education. Some of the clients are Uppsala University, Human Rights Watch Sweden, and Forum Syd.

The work of Action for Humanity and its founder, Lovette Jallow, has received numerous awards, including the Justice Award, the Raoul Wallenberg Prize, the Net Angel of the Year Award, and the Solidarity Prize.

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Addressing Racism in Sweden The Case of the Pregnant Woman in the Swedish Metro

In February 2019, a pregnant Black woman was assaulted on the Stockholm metro. Lovette Jallow and Action for Humanity provided essential support and advocacy.

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Painting depicting Jeanine and her daughter lovingly.

Sweden Protests Against Libyan Migrant Trafficking – Organized by Lovette Jallow

Aim: Led by Lovette Jallow, the aim was to mobilize collective action against the inhumane trafficking of migrants in Libya. She used her voice and online platforms to galvanize thousands of activists and supporters, marking the inception of the organization Action for Humanity.

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Success Bringing Home 38 Trafficked Gambian Women & Children from Lebanon’s Kafala System

Aim: Through coordinated efforts and advocacy led by Lovette Jallow, Action for Humanity is dedicated to ensuring the safe repatriation of all women and two children. Our comprehensive approach involves providing immediate assistance and support upon their return to Gambia, including access to shelter, healthcare, legal aid, and psychosocial services.

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Digital Meetup: Autism & ADHD in Black Women

Aim: Join our digital meetup space for Black women aged 35-45 exploring late-diagnosed autism and ADHD. Connect with like-minded individuals and gain insights from experts.

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Lovette Jallow talking about late diagnosed Autism and ADHD