Lovette Jallow Lectures about Inclusivity

Lectures with Lovette Jallow

Change starts with awareness and individual motivations to act. Lovette Jallow’s lectures impact millions and inspire action.

Using data-driven insights to educate and encourage critical thought, Lovette provides lectures to local and global organisations about how together we can build more diverse and inclusive spaces. 

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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in HR

    Learn how to dismantle workplace discrimination, meet legal diversity obligations and foster inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

  • Structural Racism in Nordic Healthcare

    Explore critical issues contributing to healthcare inequities and how these challenges affect marginalized communities.

  • AI and Tech Inclusivity

    Discover the challenges and benefits of building inclusivity into artificial intelligence strategies to prevent perpetuating bias and inequity.

  • ADHD/Autism in the Workplace

    Understand ADHD/Autism in professional settings and learn practical strategies for inclusive environments, including adaptive workplace solutions.

  • Beyond Workplace Diversity Metrics

    Learn practical actions that will help your organisation move beyond surface-level metrics and truly embrace a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

  • White Saviourism and NGOs

    Critically examine the concept of white saviourism within the nonprofit and NGO sector and learn more inclusive and equitable practices.

  • Inclusive Product Design and Marketing

    Understand the importance of design and marketing to meet the inclusivity needs of a diverse consumer audience wíthin the beauty industry.

  • Inclusive Storytelling

    Empower management and teams to tell stories that break free from stereotypes and resonate deeply with diverse audiences.

Inspire meaningful change

Lovette Jallow advocates social justice and equality to build a world where everyone feels valued.

As she shares her personal experience growing up as an Afro-Swedish woman in a white-normative society, she provides insights on how to build representation and inclusion into the spaces where we live and work so that inclusivity becomes the norm.


Her dedicated and passionate activism has impacted millions in Scandinavia and inspired individuals across the world. Committed to speak out against racism, support underrepresented and historically marginalised groups, and advocate change, she has received acclaimed recognition, including:


Lectures on Social Justice and Inclusion

  • Remove ignorance and raise equality – How we can all contribute to a more inclusive society
  • Xenophobia, societal norms, and the equal value of all – within the fashion and beauty industries and greater society
  • White Saviourism – What it is and how to avoid it
  • Personal Experiences as an Afro-Swedish Woman Living in Sweden – The impact of Lovette’s activism on justice and equality
  • Understanding Neurodiversity – in our workspaces and our communities

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With her commitment and entrepreneurship, Lovette has become a leading activist towards reducing both structural and everyday racism. Her digital platforms and lectures take the conversation far and wide, and today, she is one of the strongest voices for justice and diversity

  • Lectures tailored for audience needs
  • Available in Swedish or English
  • Broad range of topics surrounding equality and inclusivity
  • Corporate, academia, NGO and non-profits expertise
  • Gain insight into everyday racism, norms, privileges and values
  • Examine the data and understand the impact discrimination, inequality, and racist structures have on society
  • Learn how to be more inclusive in our language and treatment of others
  • Hear personal stories about her experiences with belonging, Autism and ADHD, and challenging inequality
  • Get inspired by her courage and commitment to stand up for the equal value of all people, despite the risks
  • Discover constructive solutions to build more equal, inclusive spaces and communities for everyone
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Hear what others have to say

    I saw your lecture at Karolinska today and just wanted to say that you were amazing!

    Everything you said was very accurate and I will take with me every single word. Your stories really moved me and you have inspired me (and I believe many more) to be the best I can and make a change so no one else has to go through something like that again or ever!

    Lovette was super!

    We had work in smaller groups (like 30 students in each) where we had to start by introducing ourselves and mentioning something we take with us from the morning - almost EVERYONE mentioned your lecture (don't know how many times I heard "especially Lovette was super ") and were happy that they got to hear your stories and your history for future work in healthcare. I feel hope after today.

    It was amazing, I am also black and can sadly relate to almost everything you say especially about "hidden racism"

    I did know that there was also racism in the healthcare industry but what I didn't know was that it was affecting our lives to the point that we could die from it. Your lecture was really impactful and I learned so much from you.So happy that I finally got to see you in person.

    Lovette's lecture was awesome. So inspiring, interesting and important.

    We are so happy that she had the opportunity to come to us and lecture. Her knowledge and the way she teaches was really good and something that many commented afterwards, that it was so educational and graspable.

    Truly awesome lecture!

    Thank you for your lecture today, you are truly awesome! You are so incredibly important!

    Clear in its appearance and with a clear message.

    Lovette has a fantastic ability to adapt to the conditions that the audience had and the image of what it looks like in our society and a genuine interest in learning more. Lovette created dialogue with the audience and with a positive image showed solutions instead of problems. Clear in its appearance and with a clear message. Welcome back!