Lovette Jallow & Kate Wacz: A Friendship through Raoul Wallenberg

Lovette Jallow and Kate Wacz united through Raoul Wallenberg. From Holocaust Survival to friendship in the unlikeliest of places.

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Lovette Jallow: My Friend Kate – A Story of Friendship Across Generations, Religion, and Boundaries

I had a heartfelt phone call with my dear friend Kate. Our friendship began in an unexpected way back in 2019 when she found me overwhelmed in a corner at the Swedish Foreign Ministry. I had been honoured with the Raoul Wallenberg Award, and Kate, a survivor of the Holocaust that Wallenberg saved during World War II, approached me with kindness, curiosity and understanding.

Approaching Differences with Empathy and Humanity

Well in my lectures and seminars, I often advise people to approach interactions by acknowledging external differences, these differences can greatly influence human experiences and interactions. Ignoring them is not a positive trait in anyone. However, I emphasize the importance of starting conversations with commonalities rather than focusing on overt differences or bringing in ones own preconceived biases.

Kate exemplified this approach by initiating our conversation based on our shared love of beauty. As a longstanding board member of SHR Sweden, an organization representing estheticians, and myself, an author featured in SHR magazine discussing my work in the beauty industry with diversity and representation and authoring Black Vogue – Skönhetens Nyanser, our connection simply started off with just finding common ground in a human interaction.

two women posing for a picture
Lovette Jallow with Kate Wacz at the Swedish Foreign ministry

From that moment on, Kate has been a constant presence in my life often calling for a chat which was immensely appreciated especially at the tail end of covid restrictions. She has taken me to operas in Stockholm at Berwaldhallen, and always sharing new insights. Recently, she invited me to a special dinner in Östermalm near her apartment. Though I wasn’t aware of the occasion, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend time with Kate, whom I adore. Her soothing voice and the knowledge she imparts never fail to captivate me.

Lovette Jallow at dinner with Kate Wacz

It turned out that the dinner was the day of Kate’s anniversary with her late husband. Instead of dining alone, she chose to celebrate their love by sharing a meal with me.

Kate met her husband, Nicklas, in Sweden, and it was Raoul Wallenberg who helped her flee from the horrors of the Holocaust to start a new life there.

a hand holding a card with a picture of a man Nicklas Wacz


She has since traveled the world, sharing her story with world leaders like Obama, because she believes that the atrocities of the past should never be forgotten.


a woman standing next to a older woman
Lovette Jallow and Kate Wacz at Berwaldhallen Stockholm

In my journey of self discovery being Autistic, I have experienced many overwhelming moments. However, Kate witnessed one meltdown due to overwhelm of attention, crowds and having to autistic mask at the Swedish Foreign Ministry on what should have been a great day for me and was there to comfort and support me. A simple touch from her hand calmed me, and her presence makes even the most challenging situations easier to navigate. I will forever be grateful for her unwavering friendship.

Two women holding hands
Kate wacz holding Lovette Jallows hand

During our conversation, we reminisced, laughed, and discussed the current political climate. We made plans to enjoy a dinner and opera outing together soon, and I genuinely hope we can make it happen. I have vowed to keep sharing every story, memory, and joke that Kate has shared with me because some stories are too important to be forgotten.

Kate featured in 'Fading Stories' exhibition

Kate is currently featured in an exhibition called “Fading Stories,” alongside 23 other Holocaust survivors. This exhibition showcases their powerful narratives through pictures and in-depth interviews. While many of the survivors have since passed, Kate is incredibly proud of her contribution.

Let us remember and honor the stories of survivors like Kate, as their experiences serve as a poignant reminder of the darkness humanity is capable of. Only by carrying their stories with us can we hope to prevent history from repeating itself. She is a light in my life.

a person holding a card
Kate Wacz photographed


Written by: Lovette Jallow – Author, Lecturer, Entrepreneur, and Advocate for Neurodiversity.

Thank you for reading and exploring diverse perspectives with me. As a Black woman living in Sweden, some of my differences are visible, while others, such as autism and ADHD, remain unseen. Yet, I believe that my perspectives are equally valuable because of these dualities.
All texts are copyrighted.
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