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Lovette Jallow

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Hi Lovelies!!!

As you already know if you are a member of the Facebook forum or follow us on our social media channels that Black Vogue is releasing a makeup manual in September 2016.

There are many makeup books out there but none that focus on black beauty solely, we always get to feature in a few pages but no book has ever gone into the science of melanin, filled every single page with melanated beauties from the entire african diaspora, different ages, different genders, all under the umbrella of black beauty lovers. This project has taken months, sleepless night, countless hours of makeup, photography, meetings and final edits. And last week it finally went to print!!!

Our publishers are one of the top three publishing companies in Sweden and they worked tirelessly to ensure that from beginning to end that the project exactly reflected the spirit of black vogue. Which is spreading knowledge, breaking barriers whilst sprinkling positivity in its path. On our final meeting last week we even got a printed copy of all the pages of the book. And I do not joke  you  i had tears in my eyes holding what felt like a baby to me.

The black vogue team deserves the biggest round of applause ever and i just want to take this opportunity to thank the key players in this successful project!

Lovette Jallow – Project manager, Makeup artist, Photographer

Antoinette Guede – Admin, Makeup Artist

Jankeh Jallow – Mom, Chef, Hair, Clothing

Mia Räty – Photographer and Photo Editor

Odou Andrews -Photographer and Photo Editor

Thandiwe Teisko- Photographer and Photo Editor

Seif Muhallab – Photographer

Seynab Dahir – Makeup Artist  (@medusaseduceya)

Iman Said – Makeup artist (@ethiopianmakeupartists)

Entisar Muhammednur – Makeup artist (@ethiopianmakeupartists)

Yodit Habtemariam – Makeup artist

Alexander Flores – Makeup artist

Yes i made a calculated decision to only have on my team people from the african diaspora and who have a connection to our cultures. No one else is making those moves and selecting talent from the large group of creative minds in our community so Black Vogue had to do that with pride.

And of course all the beautiful models that dropped everything to join us on this beautiful journey to uplift women/men/non gender binaries in a world that tells us we are less than. Rome was not built in one day and this project took months and months to complete. I can assure you that everything in our lives was put on hold for several months whilst this was ongoing.

As you know there will be a huge gala for 1000 members and family and friends and press that s in the works for saturday the 10th of September for the book release. But i will cover everything about the gala in a future post and how the tickets will be sent out. For this event you will need a ticket and identification to be admitted into the luxurious halls were the party will be held.

Now what do you expect to find within the pages of this book?