Främling I vita rum cover Stranger in white spaces Cover

Stranger in White Spaces (Främling i Vita Rum)

This book addresses the significant challenges faced by marginalized individuals in Sweden, examining racial disparities and systemic racism. Through powerful storytelling, Lovette Jallow provides deep insights and practical solutions for fostering inclusivity and equity. An Essential read for anyone committed to understanding or combating racism in Sweden.

Published by Bonnier Books via Bazar · Dec · 2020 · Sweden

“It’s an exploration of structural racism, white feminism, and the enduring journey of resilience. ‘Stranger in White Spaces’ is a powerful testament to standing firm in your beliefs, despite the challenges.”

Key Features

  • Explores personal narratives and systemic issues: Blending personal experiences with broader social analysis, the book provides a compelling and informative read on the intersectionality of identities.
  • Encourages a deeper societal understanding from often overlooked perspectives: ‘Stranger in White Spaces‘ highlights the importance of inclusivity and equity by exploring the challenges faced by marginalised individuals in Sweden.
  • Provides practical, clear, and implementable advice: Each chapter offers actionable strategies for confronting racism, showcasing Lovette Jallow’s ability to make complex concepts accessible to readers.
  • Motivates individuals to champion diversity and equal rights: The book fosters civil courage and empowers readers to contribute to a more just and inclusive world by standing up against racism, sexism, and injustice.

In Stranger in White Spaces, Lovette Jallow masterfully navigates and concretizes complex concepts such as white feminism, colorism, and white saviorism while intimately sharing her journey as an autistic individual. Through her compelling narrative, Jallow provides an illuminating lesson on structural racism in Sweden and offers a deeply personal exploration of the activist behind the movement.

From her upbringing in Gambia, inspired by strong women as role models, to her experiences navigating the cultural complexities of Sweden, readers embark on a transformative journey. Jallow equips readers with practical strategies, actionable advice, and legal insights to confront instances of racism, sexism, and injustice.

In addition to being a powerful call to action against systemic oppression, Stranger in White Spaces is a poignant portrayal of resilience. Despite facing numerous setbacks, Jallow’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for perseverance.

Ultimately, Stranger in White Spaces is a compelling testament to the importance of standing up for one’s convictions, even in the face of adversity.

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Book reviews

Book reviews from our community. Find insights, recommendations, and diverse opinions on Lovette Jallows books.

    "Speechless! I resonate deeply with this book. I can't help but recommend it, even for those who might not see themselves reflected in it. It offers insights into the experiences of many and encourages self reflection!"

    "Very interesting and informative book! Especially the chapter on White saviorism. For those who found it particularly intriguing, I can recommend a few other books available on Storytel: Walter Rodney - How Europe underdeveloped Africa, Franz Fanon - Wretched of the Earth, and last but not least, for a more modern understanding, Vijay Prashad - Washington Bullets."

    "Fantastic book that everyone should read! Highly recommended."

    "The book is factual, clear, and informative. It spreads a lot of knowledge and has a great awareness from various perspectives. I experience a strong recognition of how one can be treated. However, I am white but an LGBTQIA woman, with a physical disability, a single mother, have experienced some exclusion despite my Nordic origin but still from another country and culture. Thank you for writing this book, Lovette, incredibly well done!"

    "Everyone should read this book, it's so important!"

    "Lovette describes and explains in an easy-to-understand way. The book opens up a greater understanding and provides important knowledge in how we can identify and respond to racism. In recent years, I have gained greater insight into how permeated Swedish society is with racism, of course I knew even before that it existed but never understood the enormous extent of it all. Through "Stranger in white rooms" you get both a greater insight into the problem and tools in how we can all respond to and fight the oppression of minority groups. Read it!"

    "This book should be read by everyone. Whether for recognizing oneself or to share in someone else's experiences, insights, and reality! It provides many opportunities for self-reflection and contemplation."

    "I admire Lovette's immense drive and energy to make life better for others. A worthwhile book to read!"

    "I read this book in 1 day. I quickly switched sides and I learned a lot. There were some recognition factors as I am a woman and have a black parent. Lovette writes seriously, lightly, straight to the point, painting and backs up with facts. She could have made the book much longer, but there is no need, instead she opens up for you to take responsibility yourself and search further and continue where she leaves off. The book is very current and I recommend it to everyone who strives for an equal society."

    "All the concrete tips after each chapter make the book extra valuable. I will be able to use it at work, among other things, dealing with friends, etc. Thanks!"

    "A powerful call to action against racism and inequality. A thought-provoking guide for those seeking to make a positive impact in society."

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