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Lovette Jallow

Hi Lovelies,

I have been swept off my feet the last week plus with work, and birthday celebrations and much much more.

To update you before i start the poss about my upcoming book and the gala for black vogue i thought i would help you come up to speed with my latest videos so it won’t be such a big jump for you when the new videos and posts come.

Party In stockholm with me and friends and Family

Join me in this video as i spend a day and night together with my friends and family at Slakthuset in Stockholm as well as at Södra Teater meeting lots of new and ”old” faces. It was a blast and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite a bit of a cloudy weather.


Waist training with Lovette

In this video I share my well kept secret of waist training with waist trainers purchased from Also all black vogue members receive a 10% discount when they use Black Vogue as a discount code.


Birthday Celebrations

In this last video you can join me as i take you on a journey with me to spend my birthday as i go shooting and much much more. Get to know me a little better and find out what makes me smile and what makes me cry.


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