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(Muaythai champion of Sweden)

Today we have Susan Karuiki Muaythai champion boxer of Sweden declared the best female boxer of the year 2014 by the International Federation Of Muaythai  giving us her favourite workout tips for black women. Susan is humble and kind and her fitness gives us envy!!!!

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The first exercises are:


They target the legs, quads, hamstrings and glutes. Keep your core tight chest high and relax the shoulders while making that your knee doesn’t go past your foot.


2. Wall Sits/Squats

Wall sit /squat! This is again good for both your core/tummy legs and glute’s. With this exersice on should again keep core tight chest high and shoulders relaxed. Think of it as pushing your bellybutton in to the wall.

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3. The Plank!

This worksout the whole body!!!! Targets abdomens,legs,shoulders, glute’s and overall muscel conditioning. To keep in mind core tight, elbows under your shoulders and your body in a straight line so that you do Not arche your back or pop your glute’s uppward.

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4. Assisted / Seated dips

These target the tricep’s (the back of the upper arm). To keep in mind yes again core tight go as low as you can without ledning forward with your upper torso to avoid stressing the front part of your shoulders/delts and keep your toes pointing uppward through out and full range3 when you push up!

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5. Jumping Jacks

They get the heart rate up and going thus aiding in the burning of calories and improving ones conditioning. To keep in mind full range motion is a must and when landing we land on the base of the foot and never the heels thus avoiding injury to our joint’s in the knees,feet, back and hips.

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All the exercise’s can be done as a cirkut of 30 sec per exersice no breaks inbetween then a minuten break then resume the whole cirkut five times.

Don’t forget that you can contact Susan if you ant to book personal training sessions to get yourself in shape. Her information is

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