Inglot and Lush Giveaway

Lovette Jallow

Hi Lovelies!

As I Know you all love makeup and everything related to beauty I teamed up with two of my favourite beauty stores to arrange a giveaway in honour of the book release.


All you have to do to Win luxury cosmetics from Inglot & Lush is!

Answer the question:

In addition to working as an International Property broker and writer What is Lovette Jallows third profession?

The answer to the question and a short explanation of why you should win emailed to you marked your email with ”black vogue”. Giveaway closes on September 22, we want your answer!

1st pris – Från Inglot (worth 1065kr)


  1. Makeup Fixer Spray
  2. Mattifying loose powder
  3. Mattifying primer
  4. AMC Eyeliner
  5. Freedom System Highlighter
  6. HD lip tint

2:nd prize – Lush (worth 750kr)


  1. American Cream Balsam
  2. Retread balsam
  3. Queen Bee Hair honey
  4. Avocado Cowash

3:rd prize – Lush 2 (worth 350kr)

  1. African Paradise body conditioner
  2. You’ve been mangoed bath oil
  3. Layer cake soap
  4. Bright side bubble bath
  5. Fun Bubble bath

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