Hairfinity Hair Vitamins for 4c Hair

Lovette Jallow

Hi Lovelies,

2 Months ago I purchased two months worth of Hairfinity Hair Vitamins from

Hairfinity are vitamins you take that are supposed to provide the nutrients your hair needs to be stronger, and grow longer. It is designed for all types of hair, and they say that you can see the results in the first month of use. These sound like pretty big claims, and many women out there will be intrigued enough to wonder if it really works.

In the video below i will show you how my hair is currently and also discuss the side effects i experienced whilst using hairfinity. My brows, edges and hair have improved a lot as well as my nails which are growing at a much faster rate than before. As you know with 4c type hair it is difficult to measure the growth due to shrinkage but i shall do a 4 month review and do a length check to show the viewers how much growth i have experienced.

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