Glam by Stefania – Contour and Highlight

Lovette Jallow

Hi Lovelies,

Presenting our Guest Blogger Stefania Ify Madu from Italy who will be letting us know how she makes highlighting and contouring her own and her favourite products too.


Hi Black Vogue,

You don’t always have to follow the ”rules” and go to extremes like painting your entire face in different shades if you do not feel comfortable doing that. you can make it as simple as you would like. Here are my tips for a beginners guide to contouring & highlight!

First of All highlight is the process of using a lighter shade of product in the areas of your face the the light naturally hits; these are usually : underneath the eyes, around the edges of your nose and across the bridge, center of chin and edges of your mouth

It is usually advised to use a concealer first and then use a blending sponge or brush to get rid of harsh lines and then subsequently set it with some powder which can be translucent e.g Ben Nye Banana Powder is the most popular for women of colour as well as Sacha Buttercup. If you want to go low end I recommend the Black Opal finishing Powder is really good.


Contouring Process: this Adds dimension and depth back in to your face. It is basically creating shadows to give a slimmer look to your face or if you want to experiment with changing your face shape for the night. Areas you would usually contour are the sides of your nose, your cheeks and around the perimeter of your face. In this case you do not really need a liquid product. A lot of people tend to use a bronzer and some people use pressed powders that are darker than their skin tone. Personally I’ve been loving the MILANI Pressed powder in 05 & 04 these two are the perfect mix for WOMEN WITH MELANIN

Highlighters which is the final touch is  basically shimmery products are used to enhance in more detail the areas which you have highlighted. A little bit of it would give you the Glow. Blush can then be used after contouring to enhance the contour.

These are my tips and tricks i wanted to share with you all and I Hope I helped someone


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  1. Yes Finally a reference page. FB is fab for the fotos and immediate response from all. but yes i needed my/a makeup #ToGoTo page. Keep it Locked…now i need a subscribe button to get alerts on my email about new post… (Imma bookmark for now)… #Happydance … ????? Finally ooo its about to go down (Flavour on the beat)??????

    1. Hello!!!
      Thank you so much. I completely agree with you sometimes the Facebook feed goes so so fast that this was just a natural step to the forum. A way to make more public Black Vogue as well as the wonderful talented members that are within it and such a huge amount of knowledge. The website is not full done yet there are a few surprises up my sleeve including the monthly newsletter straight to your inboxes. So happy you are on this journey with us <3 <3 <3

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