Lovette Jallow

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Social Activist

Lovette Jallow is one of today's most important voices when it comes to the fight against racism, discrimination and injustice in society.

Lovette Jallow is currently one of the most vital voices against racism, discrimination and social injustice. She stands unquestionably with the marginalized and disenfranchised, clearly pointing out structural and individual injustices, along with the problems that arise when people are treated differently based on their background, religion, ethnicity, skin color or gender.

Lovette came to Sweden as an 11-year-old, but she was born in Gambia among strong female role models who helped lay the foundation for her exceptional courage and willpower. Even in high school, Lovette would educate her classmates on racism and the equality of all people. She started her struggle from being bullied every day in school for the colour of her skin.

The fiery commitment continued, and as the lacking inclusion of darker skin tones in the beauty industry came clear to Lovette, she started the Facebook group, Black Vogue. Five years later, she also wrote the book, Black Vogue – Shades of Beauty; the first European book on beauty care and makeup for Black and Brown skin tones. Thanks to Lovette and her more than 30,000 Facebook followers, and more than 90,000 Instagram followers, makeup ranges are now larger, more accessible and more inclusive for all skin tones.

Today, with her digital platforms and engaging lectures, Lovette has taken her commitment far outside the beauty industry. Her activism has made her a strong spokesperson in the fight against structural and everyday racism. She advocates justice and uses her voice to guide, enlighten, and emphasize the importance of treating people equally.

As a lecturer, Lovette speaks on xenophobia as well as whiteness and white privileges. She describes commercialized ideal beauty standards and the consequences of being excluded from them. She shares her personal experiences of being an Afro-Swedish woman in a society where whiteness is norm, and discusses the underlying structures behind structural problems. She explains how to dismantle said structures by recognizing and confronting ones biases, and by using a more inclusive language and behaviour.

With fact-based knowledge and personal experience, she provides sharp analyses in a strong and mind-opening voice that guides and educates with commitment and empathy, presenting constructive solutions to create a better future for everyone, belonging to everyone.

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Lovette Jallow - Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Social Activist - lovette jallow om oss

Eye-opening Lectures

Lovett Jallow advocates social justice and equality. She centers her dynamic lectures around norms and on everyday racism as well as structural racism.

She shares the experience of growing up as an Afro-Swedish woman in a white-normative society, while at the same time addressing current issues around representation and inclusion. Her activism has won her several awards. She received Rättvisepriset (the Justice Award) in 2017, for her efforts against discrimination within the beauty industry, and her commitment to ending slavery in Libya. In 2018, she became Årets Nätängel (Net Angel of the Year), won Solidaritetspriset (the Solidarity Price) for her contributions to democracy, and was nominated for Guldtuben (the Golden Tube).

Lovette also received the prestigious Raoul Wallenberg Price in 2019, for her work against racism and for her nonprofit organization, Action for Humanity. The organization was founded in 2017 to mobilize and provide aid in the humanitarian crisis in Libya. Action for Humanity offers lectures and information, as well as support for people who have been racially profiled or otherwise subjected to structural racism.

Lovette Jallow Lectures On

Lovette Jallow - Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Social Activist - lovette jallow
Lovette Jallow - Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Social Activist - prisad aktivist

Acclaimed Activist

Using her social media platforms, Lovette Jallow spreads awareness of human rights and equality. She aims to question and problematize areas where injustice and ignorance are still present. Her activism continuously influences large sections of society.

Raoul Wallenberg Award 2019

IM-priset 2019

NetAngel of the year 2018

Solidarity Award 2018

Justice Peace Prize Award 2017

Comments From Social Media

What people who listened to Lovette Jallow have said about her lectures.

You were truly amazing! Thank you for important insights and solid advice on how we can act together and contribute to a more equal society!

You were and are amazing. Smart, wise and full of inspiration!

I have never attended a better lecture. Hearing your voice yesterday in Uppsala was great.

Great lecture!! We need more people like you.

I’m getting my teacher’s degree and was there yesterday, and I just want to say: THANK YOU! These topics need to be talked about so much more, teacher training needs more courses dealing with this subject. Great lecture and very educational! You are amazing!

Thank you for an important, moving and absolutely fantastic lecture.

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