Products to colour correct darkskin

Lovette Jallow

Hi Lovelies,

colour correct

A longstanding makeup question has been colour correcting for darker skin tones.and in this post i will share with you the best method to cover hyper pigmentation as well as products that work well on different dark skin tones.

In the video below i show you exactly how i cover dark marks and hyper pigmentation using macs colour correcting palette. Below that i will share different options from other brands that you can use to achieve the same effect.


LA Girl pro concealer

These handy little colour correctors work justa s well as the mac cocealer and can be purchased online at for as little as 69kr.




NYX colour correcting Palette

Now this is a much less pigmented version of MACs colour correcting palette but i have found it works just as well. For my darkest squinting sisters though i would recommend either la girl or the mac palette since the orange in this palette is best suitable for medium to lighter skin tones.


Inglot corrective primers

Now ingot being innovative incorporated the colour corrector with a primer. allowing you to colour correct whilst priming your face all in one go.


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